When our family started doing women's fashion in 1998, we had no idea how much the small workshop we created in Stara Zagora would develop. Over the years we have developed several successful brands, opened dozens of stores in the country and sewed for top brands such as Twinset, Max Mara, Pennyblack, and others. Since 1998 To date, we have created more than 90 collections, and during these years we have sewn over 100,000 meters of fabric.

Our dedication and passion for women's fashion has helped us to go through many difficulties, such as the economic crisis in 2008/2009, which was felt very strongly in our industry. It took us a long time to create the right team with which to develop the brand, to succeed not only in Bulgaria, but also in over 10 countries and to earn the Silver and Golden Lion awards.

22 years later and on the threshold of a new decade, we felt the need to concentrate all our passion in fashion for something new. And so AVENEW was born.

We believe that the modern Bulgarian woman is strong, successful and beautiful. Avenew just helps her express it through her clothes.

Bulgarian women deserve special treatment and care. We believe that in order to feel comfortable in a busy everyday life, they should be surrounded by natural fabrics such as cashmere, linen, cotton and silk. The cuts should provide them with comfort and self-confidence in order to continue to lead their lives with ease and vigor.

AVENEW gives you all this.


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