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The skirt is one of the most beautiful creations of designers. This has not been the case at all in the past. The skirt in the 16th and 17th centuries served as a reliable protection against cold and wind. Today the skirt is an integral part of the women's wardrobe. The skirt is the practical choice of both the business woman and the ladies with a hectic daily life. It can be short, long, pencil type, enchanting, woolen, silk.

In the Avenew collection, we know how stylish women want to dress and that is why in our collections the skirt is always respected. Every year we create both classic models, suitable for combination with comfortable jackets, and skirts, which are combined with blouses and shirts with a free silhouette. Here you will find women's skirts made of the highest quality Italian fabrics. Avenew women's skirts create the feeling of femininity and make its owners feel comfortable and at ease.